Illegal land developers might get away with it in Lundazi district

People that have built houses on land belonging to Lundazi Boarding School may not have their structures demolished.

Lundazi District Council Secretary, Boyd Kaoma has told Breeze News that his office is engaging Lundazi Boarding School on how it can best resolve the issue other than demolishing people’s houses.

Mr. Kaoma has stated that the local authority is considering reserving a piece of land for Lundazi Boarding School as a compensation for the encroached land.

Mr. Kaoma stated that resorting to demolishing people’s houses was not a good idea as it is viewed as a punishment to the people.

He has advised the would be developers in the district to engage the local authority before embarking on any developmental activity.

A number of houses in Chimtyulu area risk being demolished because they are sitting on a piece of land for Lundazi Boarding School.

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