Illegal mining activities in Eastern Province worries government.

Government is concerned with the growing number of illegal mining activities going on in Eastern Province.
Provincial Mines Officer, Brian Nyambe told Breeze News that there are a lot of people conducting mining activities without seeking concert from his office.
Mr. Nyambe says in as much as people would like to generate income through mining, it is always right to formalize their activities by following proper guidelines.

He says Lundazi district has the highest number of illegal small scale miners adding that the crushing of stones and collection of gravel being done along Lundazi, Vubwi and Mwami border roads are also being done without following proper mining procedures.
Mr. Nyambe says conducting such activities is risking because the office of the mines will not be held responsible for any accidents that may arise from the activities.
He says there is need to formulise all mining activities so that government benefits from the revenues being generated from the minerals and stones.
Provincial Mines Officer has called for a stop to all illegal mining activities.

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