Illegal street vendors trading along Umodzi Highway in Chipata ready to risk their lives.

Illegal street vendors trading along Umodzi Highway near Saturday market in Chipata have vowed not to stop trading from the area.
This is despite warning by the former Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Mwamba that lives of people will be lost in case of a road accident happening on the stretch of the road where vendors trade from.
The illegal vendors say that they do not care whether there will be a serious accident because they are ready to die.
They told Breeze News that they will only move out when the local authority provides them with trading stands in markets.
Meanwhile, some traders in Saturday market have refuted claims that they refuse to allow illegal vendors trade from inside the markets.
The traders say that those trading along the roads have left their stands in markets claiming that there is no business as a lot of people buy from the streets.

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