Illegal vendors trading along Umodzi Highway ignore directive to move out

Vendors selling along the Umodzi Highway in Chipata have continued to ignore warnings against trading along the road, which is currently under rehabilitation.
This has angered Chipata District Commissioner, Kalunga Zulu, who has asked the council to step in and regulate the traders.
Mr. Zulu observed that if an accident was to occur and one of the machines crushes someone, the traders would be the first to blame government for the accident.
He has further expressed concern with the attitude of some Chipata residents, who are hesitating to take part in the keep Chipata clean exercise.
Mr. Zulu further charged that efforts to keep the town clean seem to be frustrated by the council as the cleaning equipment needed have not yet been availed.
He reminded that council that the revival of the Keep Chipata Clean Campaign is a presidential directive that needs to be followed without fail.
Every Friday, the district government departments gather together with the community and the Zambia Army to take part in cleaning of streets and pavements.

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