Inactive cooperatives in Eastern Province to be deregistered.

Some cooperatives that become active at the time of FISP, the Farmer Input Support Programme in Eastern Province risk being deregistered.
Provincial Agriculture Coordinator, Obvious Kabinda says that the Ministry of Agriculture has audited all the cooperatives in the province and have found out that some cooperatives only become active during the time of FISP.
Dr. Kabinda says that the ministry has recommended that such co-operatives be deregistered by the register of cooperatives.
He also says that the mandate of the cooperatives department is to see to it that all cooperatives hold their annual general meetings failure to which they do not qualify to benefit.
He says that some cooperatives have not changed leaders from the time they were formed, which is also wrong.
Meanwhile, Dr. Kabinda has warned beneficiaries of FISP who intend to sell their inputs that they will be blacklisted from receiving inputs.
And Dr. Kabinda says that Eastern Province has received 243,641 by 50 kilograms bags of basal and top dressing fertilize under FISP to be distributed to farmers.
He added that the province has also received 1, 347 thousand fertilizer for sorghum, over eleven thousand by 50kilogram bags of fertilize for cotton and over one thousand bags of fertilizer for groundnuts.

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