Inconsistent funding affects the implementation of some programmes under Social Welfare Department.

Inconsistent release of funds to the Public Welfare Assistant Scheme is one of the major challenges facing the Social Welfare Department in Eastern Province.
Provincial Social Welfare Officer, Mwaka Mulenga says that at times beneficiaries stay for about three months without getting their money.
Speaking during Budget Tracking Programme on Breeze FM this morning, Mr. Mulenga also says that the money is too little to pay for school fees, health services and other basic requirements for beneficiaries.
And Mr. Mulenga says that poverty levels in Eastern Province are very high especially in rural and valley areas of Mambwe, Petauke and Lundazi districts.
He says that much intervention is needed to address the situation.
And speaking during the same programme, Assistant Social Welfare Officer, Kapela Mwango Lungu says that under the 2013 national budget, about 209,000 Kwacha was allocated towards education support for vulnerable children in Eastern Province.
She explained that 280 male pupils and 162 female pupils are currently receiving financial support from the Social Welfare Department.

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