Increase in fuel prices attracts mixed reactions

The increase of fuel prices by ERB, the Energy Regulation Board has been received with mixed feelings by some motorists and residents in Chipata.

Some taxi drivers talked to by Breeze News say the increase of fuel prices will affect business in Chipata because people will not accept if they increase transport fares.

They say that some people in Chipata are used to pay ten kwacha for any short taxi distance and three kwacha for a minibus.

The taxi drivers say the increase in fuel prices will leave them with no choice but to also increase transport fares.

Other drivers however feel government should not be blamed on the fuel price increase because the removal of subsidies on fuel will assist in saving money for other developmental projects.

And other Chipata residents feel the increase in fuel prices will affect prices of all goods on the market.

Meanwhile the increase in fuel prices caused panic buying of the commodity last evening.

Immediately after the price increase was announced, most motorists rushed to filling stations around town to buy the commodity in bulk.

A check by Breeze News around 20:30 hours found long queues of vehicles at filling stations with drivers waiting to refuel while others used containers to ensure they buy enough fuel.

The price of Petrol has been increased from 9 Kwacha 87 Ngwee per litre to 13 Kwacha 70 Ngwee per litre.

The price of Diesel has been increased from 8 Kwacha 59 to 11 Kwacha 40 Ngwee per litre while Paraffin is now 8 Kwacha 03 Ngwee per litre from 6 Kwacha 12 Ngwee.

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