Increase in the number of minibus operators in Chipata is throwing bicycle operators out of business.

The increase in the number of minibuses operating local routes within Chipata town has worried people operating bicycle business commonly known as “Madelivery”.
In an interview with Breeze News, the cyclists say that their business has gone down in the past few weeks.
One of the cyclists, Masauso Phiri has appealed to government to find a way of harmonising the minibus, taxi and bicycle operators, so that they do dot run each other out of business.
And District Commissioner, Kalunga Zulu, says that Zambia has a liberalised economy to allow individuals come up with such initiatives.
However, the district commissioner has cautioned the mini bus drivers to adhere to all traffic regulations and not behave like other drivers in other parts of the country.
Mr Zulu further said that the local authority will need to quickly designate suitable drop off points for the minibuses, in order to avoid confusion.

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