Increase in the prices of mealie meal causes confusion in Petauke District.

Confusion ensued at the only shop selling mealie meal in Petauke District this morning after the owner decided to hike the price of the commodity.
Breeze FM Staffer, Mercy Maseko reports that the shop owner decided to increase the price of a 25 kilogramme bag of mealie meal from 55 to 65 Kwacha.
This angered customers, who had queued to buy the commodity, which has run out in all other shops in the district.
It had to take the intervention of Petauke District Commissioner, Elija Mwale, who ordered the shop owner to reduce the price of the commodity to 60 Kwacha.
And residents in the district have expressed concern with the continued shortage of mealie meal, stating that it was shocking that only one shop had the staple food in stock.
Petauke District like other parts of the country has been experiencing a serious shortage of mealie meal in the last four to five months.

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