Increased number of child marriages attributed to the dual marriage system in Zambia

Government has attributed the increased number of child marriages to the dual marriage system in Zambia.
Minister of Gender and Child Development, Nkandu Luo, told Breeze News that the customary law and statutes of Zambia does not define the age of marriage.
Prof Luo says that this has contributed to the high number of girls getting married at an early age.
She says that the laws of Zambia state that anyone can get married at 21 or below for as long as they get consent from their guardians.
Prof Luo says this came about through findings by the Law Association of Zambia after the launch of the fight against child marriages in 2011.
She added that the breaking of the extended family and poverty were contributing largely to the scourge.
Prof Luo however, says that government has come up with a bill to end child marriages and that it is being debated by various stakeholders.
The minster says that the bill will be taken to parliament later so that the customary law can be revised.

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