Independent tobacco farmers to face difficulties in selling their produce this marketing season.

Market for independent tobacco farmers in Eastern Province currently looks uncertain.

Tobacco Board of Zambia TBZ Chief Executive Officer, Samson Muyembe has told Breeze News that buying companies have indicated that they will only buy from sponsored farmers.

Mr. Muyembe however, says that the companies have also indicated that they will only buy from independent farmers after buying all the produce from sponsored farmers.

He says that TBZ is currently in discussions with the buying companies so that independent farmers do not end up being stranded with their crop.

Mr. Muyembe further says that it is too early for independent farmers to start panicking over market, as the marketing exercise only opened about three weeks ago.

He however, could not state when TBZ hopes to clinch the deal with buying companies over produce for independent farmers.

Yesterday Patriotic Front PF Party Provincial Chairperson, Attany Mwamba appealed to TBZ to assist independent tobacco farmers in selling their cash crop.

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