Independent tobacco growers ask TBZ to find them market

Independent tobacco growers in Eastern Province have appealed to government through TBZ, the Tobacco Board of Zambia to be looking for market for independent growers.
Eastern Independent Tobacco Growers Association of Zambia chairperson, Mlangeni Nyirenda, says that this is because tobacco companies only concentrate on buying tobacco from farmers they sponsor.
In a statement, Mr. Nyirenda observed that it is not fair that independent tobacco growers should be waiting until sponsored farmers sale their crop for them to find market.
He says that it is important that farmers, who are able to grow tobacco on their own are encouraged through good market.
Mr. Nyirenda also observed that TBZ must take charge and control the tobacco marketing to ensure that regulations are well followed.
He says that he does not understand how this year’s marketing could close in August instead of October.
Mr. Nyirenda says that due to this, most independent farmers especially those who grew flue cured tobacco are still stuck with their crop.
He also charged that famers need to be part of negotiations for tobacco prices, as it was in the past.
And Mr. Nyirenda says that independent growers must have their own day of sale separated from sponsored farmers.

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