Infrastruture at the Psychiatric Department at Chipata General Hospital has completely run down.

Infrastructure at the Psychiatric Department at Chipata General Hospital is reported to have completely run down.
Jonathan Mwale, who is in charge of the Psychiatric Department says, the infrastructure has not been rehabilited for a long, resulting in the roof for the building falling.
Mr. Mwale complained that the department is one of the most neglected at the hospital as it is faced with a number of challenges.
He says that the department is in need of a separate wing, so that they can be keeping patients who are violent, as they can be dangerous to society, especially those who visit them.
And Mr. Mwale says that society has a tendency of neglecting, stigmatising and discriminating psychiatric patients as they do not know that anyone can be a victim at any time,
Mr Mwale says that there are many factors that leads to a person being a victim such as poverty, unemployment and divorce among others.
He has asked the Social Welfare Department to help patients who recover from mental problems with money to start up businesses.

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