Inmates at Namuseche Prisons in Chipata to utilize their skills after being released.

Inmates at Namuseche Prisons in Chipata will now have an opportunity to utilise their skills after being released from prison.
This follows a decision by Vulamenso Community Development to set up a rehabilitation centre that will be empowering former inmates.
Speaking when addressing the inmates at Namuseche, Vulamenso Community Development Founder, Dorothy Msoni Sands said that her organisation will be empowering the former convicts with expertise and provide tools for various skills.
Mrs. Sands says the inmates will first be scrutinised to establish their vulnerability and then be equipped so that they do not go back to their bad behaviour.
Mrs. Sands also donated baby clothes to the children for female prisoners and farming equipment to the male inmates.
And Namuseche Prisons Officer in-charge, Superintendent Alex Chibale expressed gratitude to Vulamenso Community Development for supplementing government’s effort to address challenges that prisoners face.
He says that the Prisons Department has not been making follow ups on former inmates to establish if they have been implementing the skills, which they learnt while in prison.
Meanwhile congestion at Namuseche Prisons in Chipata has continued being a challenge that needs quick intervention.
Namuseche Prisons Officer in-charge, Superintendent Alex Chibale says that the male prison was built to accommodate 250 inmates but now has over 800 inmates.
By 17:00 hours on Friday, Namuseche prisons had a total of 1, 009 inmates.

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