Insurance and financial lending institutions implicated in unfair business practices.

Insurance companies and financial leading institutions in Eastern Province are the latest offenders of unfair business practices.

Competition and Consumer Protection Commission CCPC Investigator Emmanuel Zulu has confirmed to Breeze News.

Mr. Zulu says that his office is receiving a lot of complaints from people dealing with insurance companies and financial lending institutions.

He says that people have complained that most insurance companies delay to honour payments for compensation while payments for a scheme called “Saving policy” have rarely been made to clients despite making contributions.

Mr. Zulu further explained that financial lending institutions like banks have developed a habit of deducting loans from civil servants who have not obtained loans from them.

He says that CCPC has also received complains where these financial lending institutions continue to deduct money from people that have already finished paying their loans.

Mr. Zulu says that CCPC has now started recommending that these institutions be subjected to fines because of the huge complaints it is receiving.

He was speaking in an interview with Breeze News yesterday.

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