Inter-domination prayers fail to take place in Chipata due to a misunderstanding.

Inter-domination prayers this morning failed to take place at St. Anne’s Cathedral in Chipata due to a misunderstanding between the organisers of the prayers and a named Christian organisation.
St. Anne’s Cathedral Parish Priest Father Gabriel Nyoni confirmed this to Breeze News.
Father Nyoni says that the named Christian organisation has refused to be part of the prayers claiming that they already have such prayers taking place every month.
He explained that churches in Chipata had agreed that inter-denomination prayers should take place every month but this cannot be done without approval from the organisation.
Father Nyoni says that there is need to have a common understanding between the organisation and the churches on the issue so that the prayers will be conducted.
The inter-domination prayers bring together different congregations to pray on various issues concerning Zambia and other nations.

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