IRS workers in Chipata complin of mistreatment

Some people conducting Indoor Residue Spraying IRS in Chipata have complained of unfair treatment by some of their supervisors.

The workers, who spoke to Breeze News on condition of anonymity, complained that their supervisors are not giving them most of the services that they signed for in the contract.

They say that some supervisors are not giving them milk after working as stated in their conditions of service.

They alleged that some supervisors are threatening to blacklist workers whenever they make a mistake.

And when contacted for a comment, Provincial Medical Officer, Abel Kabalo refuted the allegations.

Dr. Kabalo, who took a Breeze Reporter to the warehouse where they stock milk, stated that the officers carrying out the IRS programme are entitled to breakfast, lunch and a 500 milliliter sachet of milk which they are given every day.

He says those that are complaining may be the lazy ones that do not want to be corrected when they make a mistake.

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