JCTR attributes high cost of living to high cost of food

The Jesuit Center for Theological Reflection, JCTR, has noted that the high cost of agriculture-related food items have kept the cost of living high in Lusaka and other towns.

It says food stuffs such as mealie meal and dry fish have remained high in most towns across the country.

JCTR says this has raised the cost of living in Lusaka for an average family of five to  over 4,900 in September compared to over 4,8700 in August.

The organization also notes that that other items pushing inflation down such as reduction in the prices of motor vehicles do not have direct bearing in enhancing the standard of living of the majority poor.

The JCTR has therefore urged that practical measures to actualize the pronouncements by the Minister and President be implemented.

It says other measures would include the ease of access to credit of small scale farmers, access to modern farming equipment and technologies, markets and land.

It also says an agriculture sector underlined with modern approaches of engaging in the sector stand also to propel agro processing which stand to widen job opportunities in the country and subsequently widen income opportunities for citizens.

This is according to a statement to on the basic needs assessment availed to Breeze News this morning.

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