JCTR dismisses promotion of same sex marriage in Bill of Rights

The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection JCTR has dismissed suggestions that the Bill of Rights seek to promote homosexuality.

JCTR Programmes Officer for Faith and Justice, Poniso Kawanga says that the enhanced Bill of Rights aim at improving the lives of Zambians.

Mr. Kawanga says that people practicing homosexuality do not fall under minority groups, which the Bill of Rights also seeks to protect.

He says that Zambia is a Christian nation which does not tolerate same sex marriage adding that Zambians should not fear voting YES to the enhanced Bill of Rights on August 11.

And Mr. Kawanga says that no political party including the ruling PF, Patriotic Front Party should be associated to the Bill of Rights.

He says that the Bill of Rights, which Zambians will be voting for in the referendum are completely independent from any political influence.

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