Job seekers swindled by Lusaka based organisation

Over five hundred people from Chipata have allegedly been swindled money amounting to about 30 thousand Kwacha by a named organisation after promising them temporary jobs as election monitors.

The angry people told Breeze News that the organisation whose headquarters is in Lusaka had announced in churches that they needed people interested in monitoring tomorrows elections to apply for the job.

They explained that the organisation received applications from more than 500 people and made them pay 50 Kwacha each as Membership fee and for Identity cards.

They added that the organisation also allowed them get accreditation from ECZ, Electoral Commission of Zambia in Chipata and assured them that they will be paid over one thousand Kwacha each for the Job.

They said that Authorities at the organisation sent them massages yesterday informing them to get ready for the job and meet in DK area this morning.

They further explained that they were shocked this morning when they met that authorities asked them to go back because money is not available for the Job.

The more than 500 angered residents have reported the matter to the police and are asking the organisation to refund them their money for application forms and ID’s.

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