Jonda Contractors deny being engaged to build Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s palace.

Jonda Contractors has distanced itself from reports that it has abandoned works of constructing Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s palace.
Speaking to Breeze News, Jonda Contractors Director, John Tinda says that his company was never hired to build Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s palace.
Mr. Tinda expressed shock that his company was being mentioned in a contract that it has never participated in.
Last week Headman Lupoko, Richard Nkhata told Breeze News that the works, which started in July this year are still at foundation level as the contractor, Jonda Construction Company has stopped working for close to two months because government is not releasing funds.
But Mr. Tindi says that there is a clear distortion of facts because his company was not contracted and does not abandon projects.
Meanwhile Head of Procurement Teddy Musonda has clarified that the company hired to build Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s palace is Nawela Contractors.

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