Journalists chased from council meeting

Government has defended its decision to chase journalists at yesterday’s special council meeting at Chipata Municipal Council.

Provincial Local Government Officer, Alex Bwalya says that it is normal for councils to ask journalists and other people not to be part of meetings when dealing with special matters.

Mr. Bwalya told Breeze News this morning that there are matters of finances, which are discussed during such meetings but can only be communicated to the public after being concluded.

He was responding to concerns raised by some civil society organizations that public meetings should be open and transparent.

Meanwhile Mr. Bwalya says that the third phase of the decentralization implementation policy is supposed to be concluded this month.

He explained that 14 factions from selected ministries like education and health have been devolved to local authorities.

Mr. Bwalya clarified that this means that not all operations under these ministries will fall under councils but factions like primary education and primary health care.

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