Journalists in Chipata advised to focus on real issues when covering elections

Journalists in Chipata have been urged to focus on real issues that affect people when reporting on politics during this campaign period.

A Media trainer, Lucinda Fleeson from Washington DC in the United States told journalists in Chipata that this is the best time to find out what a particular politician is going to do for the people once voted into power.

Ms. Fleeson says often times politicians promise things that they do not fulfil

She urged journalists to ask politicians how they are going to achieve what they are promising people.

Ms. Fleeson says this can be achieved by interviewing politicians, people from the community and relevant authorities to get their views.

Ms. Fleeson was speaking on the sideline of a media training on election reporting and the use of social media in an election year, organized by the American Embassy, currently taking place in Chipata.

And Ms. Fleeson warned journalists not to rely on information from social media but use it as a tip for finding the real story.

She explained that during this election year, a lot of people will be posting issues on social media but journalists should learn to verify such information before reporting on them.

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