Journalists in Chipata challenged on Bill of Rights

Journalists in Chipata have been urged to take a leading role in sensitising the community on the contents of the Bill of Rights that Zambians will be voting for in a Referendum, which will be held alongside the August 11 general elections.

Zambia Medical Association, ZMA, Executive member, Francis Mupeta says this is because most people rely on the media to get adequate information on various issues.

Dr Mupeta was speaking during a media training organised by the Zambia Youth Network in Chipata this morning.

He cited the second clause of article number 15 contained in the Bill of Rights that needs a lot of education for people to understand.

Dr Mupeta says the second clause of article number 15 of the Bill of Rights states that a life of a person begins at conception which is not a case in the medical profession because not every Zygot develops into a human being.

He called for concerted efforts by the media and various stake holders to educate people on the contents so that they make informed decisions when voting.


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