Judgement in the PF-journalists assult case moved to Chipata

Judgement for an assault case involving PF Vubwi district chairperson has been moved to Chipata.

This in a case where Michael Tembo is charged with two counts of assaulting Chipata based Post correspondent Peter Sukwa and his Feel Free counterpart Kelvin Phiri.

And Tembo’s lawyer Tutwa Ngulube shocked journalists when he demanded that they needed to get consent from him before filming him outside court.

Magistrate Moses Phiri said judgment will take place on June 13, 2016 at the Chipata magistrate court.

This was after Tembo who called four defence witnesses closed his defence yesterday.

In his defence, Tembo who is represented by Ngulube said he never beat Post Chipata based correspondent Peter Sukwa and his Feel Free counterpart Kelvin Phiri but that he was just implicated because he was the one who was preventing the fight.

When asked during cross examination by state prosecutor Yvone Nachande whether he saw PF Petauke district youth chairperson Jay Banda beating the journalists in Vubwi, Tembo said he was not sure because there
were over 500 people when the incident occurred.

All the four defence witnesses that Tembo called confirmed that they were PF members.

Sukwa and Phiri were allegedly beaten by PF cadres led by Tembo and PF Petauke youth chairperson Jay Banda on December 10, 2015 when they went to Vubwi’s Chikoka area to verify reports that the cadres were aiding Malawians to get Zambian NRC’s and register as voters.

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