K15,000 needed to electrify shelters at Kapata Market

About 15 thousand Kwacha is needed to connect power to market shelters at Kapata market in Chipata.

Market Chairperson, Richard Lunda told Breeze News that the market has an outstanding bill of 15 thousand kwacha to be paid to ZESCO in order for them to connect power to the trading shelters.

Mr. Lunda says the bill has been outstanding for the past four years.

He says over 16 thousand has been used to buy electric materials for wiring the market shelters out of the 20 thousand kwacha that was donated to Kapata market by President Edgar Lungu.

Mr. Lunda says the remaining four thousand and six hundred kwacha is not enough to connect power to the shelters.

He says some marketeers have been accusing him of misusing the 20 thousand Kwacha donated by President Lungu but he has all the receipts and the remaining money.

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