Kagunda area in Chipata risks being cut off from town

People living in Kagunda farms and surrounding areas in Chipata will be cut off from Town if government delays to rehabilitate Kagunda road and construct Lutembwe Bridge.
Dilika Ward Councillor, Alberto Phiri told Breeze News that Kagunda road is not part of the 23 kilometres of ten roads being rehabilitated by ZNS, the Zambia National Service in the area.
Mr. Phiri says Kagunda road is on a separate project that government will soon embark on but people in the area will have difficulties to use the road when serious rains start.
He explained that Lutembwe Bridge, which is situated on Kagunda road gets flooded when it rains heavily.
Mr. Phiri stated that the road which is the only main route people use when going to town, will also disadvantage pupils going to Kagunda Primary school.
Meanwhile, Mr. Phiri has commended ZNS for the good quality works that they have done on Aslot and Damview roads.
He says people in Dilika are happy with the grading of the two roads, adding that ZNS is now working on three roads in M’chini area.

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