Katete DC annoyed with government heads for ignoring developmental meetings

The Katete District Development Coordinating Committee DDCC meeting on Friday failed to take place for the third time.

This situation forced the Acting District Commissioner, Charles Sakala to postpone the meeting until further notice.

Mr. Sakala told ZANIS in an interview that he is disappointed with the continued unprofessionalism of some Government Heads of departments in the district.

Mr. Sakala said some Heads of government departments and non-governmental organisations have continued to shun the District Development Coordinating Committee meeting which is held once in every quarter.

He stated that the district will suffer great losses if this behaviour is left unchecked.

He said the District Development Coordinating Committee meeting is one fora that government uses to check its performance and get an oversight of what needs to be done in future.

Mr Sakala added that any government worker who does not want to give an account of their performance in service delivery to the people should declare interest and leave office.

He said that it was unfair for anyone to frustrate government efforts adding that he will leave no stone unturned but report the matter to relevant authorities if the situation persists.

On Wednesday the meeting could not take place as there were only 13 members present out of 35 and only four committee chairpersons out of the eight.

The meeting was later postponed to Friday but a similar situation happened forcing the Acting District Commissioner to postpone the meeting to a later date to be announced.

Mr. Sakala promised to summon all officers that were absent from the meeting and get their reasons for absconding such an important meeting.

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