Katete District Council denies allocating illegal plots.

Katete District Council has refuted reports that it has been allocating plots to people illegally, on the land that belongs to the Departments of Community Development and Social Welfare.
This follows complaints by the Department of Community Development in Katete district that the council has allocated plots to some people on the land meant for the extension of a skills training centre.
District Senior Community Development Officer, Victor Muyaloka says that a number of houses have been built on the land, where the skills training centre is supposed to be extended.
Mr. Muyaloka says that owners of the houses claim that they were given the land by the council.
But Katete District Council Secretary, Wamulume Aongola, says that the matter has been resolved and the land in question does not belong to any of the two departments.
He said none of the departments holds any title to the land.
Mr. Aongola urged people with land ownership issues to seek guidance from the council, before starting any construction work.

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