Katopola school PTA gets tough on parents

The Katopola Secondary School Parents Teachers Association, PTA has resolved that pupils, whose parents are deliberately failing to pay user fees, must not be allowed to attend class.

During an extra ordinary PTA meeting yesterday, parents supported the resolution, stressing that failure to pay school user fees is affecting the smooth running of the school programmes.

At the last Annual General Meeting, parents, teachers and school administration, agreed that starting term One in 2017, each pupil in secondary classes will pay 800 Kwacha per year, payable in instalment of 300 Kwacha for first and second terms and 200 kwacha for the third term.

They also agreed that pupils from grade one to seven pay 250 Kwacha per year, 100 kwacha for term One and Two and 50 kwacha for third term.

It was observed that it has become a trend by some parents not to pay user fees for their children and yet they expect the school to run without their support.

The parents say buying of chalk, sending pupils to participate in various sporting activities, will not be possible if the administration has no money.

They said for projects to be developed at the school, parents need to contribute the agreed amounts of money to complete the projects.

Katopola Secondary School has two major projects, a 1 by 3 classroom block and a laboratory that need to be completed.

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