Kennedy Lumwanya moved to cabinet office.

Deputy Administrative Assistant in the office of the forth republican president, Kennedy Lumwanya has been moved to cabinet office.
This is according to a statement availed to Breeze News by Mr. Lumwanya this morning.
Mr. Lumwanya says that Chibeza Mfuni, a former deputy ambassador to the People’s Republic of China has been appointed to take over his position.
And Mr. Lumwanya has paid tribute to forth republican President Rupiah Bwezani Banda describing him as a courageous man.
He says that Mr. Banda has proved to be a strong man looking at what he has gone through from the time he lost the 2011 presidential election to late president, Michael Sata.
This includes from the time Mr. Banda’s immunity was lifted, when he was being investigated by the Joint Government investigation team, the moment he began appearing in court; up to the day of his acquittal on 29th June, 2015.
Mr. Lumwanya says that Mr. Banda taught him the spirit of humility, love and forgiveness and has never believed in vengeance.

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