Kunda chief urges government to address various challenges

Senior Chief Nsefu of the Kunda people of Mambwe district has called on government to address various challenges that the district is facing.

Speaking through Malambo Cultural Association national chairperson, John Chilowa during this year’s Malaila Ceremony, Senior Chief Nsefu highlighted a number of challenges which have not been addressed, despite several complaints.

He reiterated the need for government to put up a district hospital, as the population has gone up.

Senior Chief Nsefu also called for more health personnel to be deployed to the district to ensure that provision of health services to people is not compromised.

The traditional leader also complained of the poor state of the road network in the district, which has been hindering other developmental projects.

Senior Chief Nsefu also appealed to government to consider upgrading some primary schools such as Chitempa and Nsefu into secondary schools and put teachers in community schools on government payroll.

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