Kunda chiefs ask President Edgar Lungu to revise hunting license.

Kunda Chiefs in Mambwe district have asked President Edgar Lungu to revise provisions in the hunting license for the area.

Speaking on behalf of other traditional leaders, Chief Nsefu says the current hunting license does not benefit local people because only chiefs are allowed to hunt an animal.

Chief Nsefu says that there is need for government to introduce a special hunting license that will allow local people to benefit from the rich wildlife.

He was speaking when President Lungu met traditional leaders at Chimfule lodge in Mambwe district.

And speaking at the same meeting, Chief Msoro complained over lack of development in the area, stating that roads are in a deplorable state.

He says the district has lagged behind in terms of development unlike other districts that have seen massive development.

And in response, President Edgar Lungu says he will engage the tourism minister to review the issuance of hunting licenses and resolve the matter so that local people start benefiting from the wildlife.

Mr Lungu says the Department of National Parks and Wildlife has been working with CRBs, Community Resource Boards, so that local people benefit from tourism in the area.

And the Head of State says government will soon construct a road linking Mambwe and Petauke districts to improve accessibility to the two areas.

He stated that he is aware of the many challenges being faced by people in the area such as poor road network adding that government is doing everything possible to address the challenges.




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