Kunda chiefs institute investigations into the sudden death of Chief Jumbe.

Kunda chiefs have instituted investigations into the sudden death of Chief Jumbe of Mambwe District.
The Kunda traditional leader, Robert Zulu died on April 1st 2015.
Chief Malama has confirmed to Breeze News, the decision to establish the cause of death.
He says that the Kunda chiefs are puzzled by the Chief Jumbe’s sudden death and would want to find out the truth.
Chief Malama says the investigations were instituted immediately after the burial of Mr. Zulu two weeks ago.
Chief Malama has also disclosed that Chief Mkhanya had been appointed to act as Chief Jumbe.
He says the Kunda chiefs have failed to appoint someone within the royal family to act as a chief because of the situation concerning the late Chief Jumbe.
He says Chief Mkhanya will act until the next heir to the throne of Chief Jumbe is identified.

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