Kunda chiefs reiterate their warning to those trying to cause confusion over the Jumbe chieftainship.

Chief Malama of Mambwe district has warned those challenging the Chief Jumbe throne to stop.
The traditional leader told Breeze News that the throne has a rightful family, which is supposed to choose a successor.
Chief Malama is the second Kunda Chief who has issued a strong statement against anyone challenging the chieftainship, which fell vacant following the death of Robert Zulu early this month.
Two weeks ago, Senior Chief Nsefu also warned those trying to cause confusion over the throne that he was the only person authorized to facilitate the process of choosing a successor.
And Chief Malama took a swipe at the Mchacha clan of Mambwe District cautioning them against causing any misunderstanding over the throne.
Chief Mkhanya is currently acting Chief Jumbe until the next successor is named.

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