Lack of development in Khumba ward annoys villagers

The people of Khumba Ward in Chadiza district have bemoaned lack of development in their ward.

The villagers have charged that their ward is the most neglected in Chadiza district.

Matthews Mbewe has told Breeze News in Chadiza that the ward has a number of challenges, which local leaders and government have failed to resolve.

Mr Mbewe says that the ward is completely cut off from other wards due to lack of proper road network and dilapidated bridges.

He pointed out Mwangazi-Kaphinde road as the shortest route to Chipata district but the road is impassable.

Mr. Mbewe stated that Mwami Bridge, which was washed away 5 years ago, has not yet been attended to by the government.

He says that 28 out of 64 villages in the ward have no safe and clean drinking water, forcing people to drink water from shallow wells.

The most affected areas include Chingulube, Chimwele Khumba Farms, Nkhani za Mowa, Mwalaokhoma and Mzungu villages.

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