Lack of funds continues to affect major road works

Government has attributed stalled works on the construction of Chipata-Vubwi-Chadiza road and Katete-Chadiza-Chipata road to lack of funds.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo says that NRFA, National Road Fund Agency has not issued IPCs, Interim Payment Certificates, which has resulted into cash flow problems.

Mr. Kasolo however, says that before the works were suspended on the Chipata-Vubwi-Chadiza road, the contractor had 43 Kilometres of the road cleared and grabbling done.

He further says that on the Katete-Chadiza-Chipata project, Sub-base works on 23 Kilometres were done with 7 Kilometres of cement stabilisation works also being carried out.

And Mr. Kasolo says that work on the Great East road is almost complete.

He says that it is clear that very good work has been done by the contractors as it takes much less time to travel between Lusaka and various towns in Easter Province.

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