Lack of money forces women out of August 11 elections.

Lack of funding has led to fewer women contesting various political seats ahead of the August 11 general elections in Eastern Province.

This came to light during The Voice Program on Breeze FM this morning, which was looking at women participation in politics.

Chipata district Women’s Lobby Vice chairperson, Fainesi Sakala, revealed that some female candidates, who were adopted failed to pay nomination fees.

Ms. Sakala noted that lack of funding, has remained a major challenge for most women to compete against their male counterparts for various political and leadership positions.

And Chipata District Secretary for FODEP, Foundation for Democratic Process, Veronica Phiri, dispelled assertions that women often become disrespectful when they get higher leadership positions.

She observed that contrary to the assertions, women have proven to be better leaders than men.

And contributing to the program, some callers felt time has now come for the country to try women in various top political and leadership positions.

They observed that women have proven to be less wasteful than men whenever they hold higher leadership positions.

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