Lack of monitoring of government projects in Eastern Province disappoints the provincial administration.

Government has expressed disappointment with building engineers and departmental heads who fail to monitor projects in Eastern Province.
Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo says Government has embarked on a number of projects but lack of monitoring by the engineers and heads of department is worrying.
He charged that the engineers are supposed to be monitoring contractors to track development of the projects under construction and those that have been completed.
Mr. Kasolo says that it is unfortunate that it has to take senior government officials to detect a mistake after the project is completed.
He gave examples of schools, roads, health infrastructures, and bridges as some of the projects that need close supervision.
The permanent secretary says engineers have not reported any erring contractor to his office since he came into office this year.
Mr Kasolo says any shoddy works by the contractors, will be blamed on the engineers who are failing to do their job.
He further expressed disappointment with dams that are collapsing in some selected parts of the Province, adding that the infrastructure is being constructed at a great cost.

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