Lack of state land in Mambwe district hinders development

Mambwe District Council says limited state land in the district is hindering development.

Mambwe District Planning Officer Sibeso Muimui told Breeze News that the biggest area of land in the district is under traditional authorities, thereby making it difficult to develop.

Ms. Muimui revealed that currently, over ten villages are sitting on state land, a situation that has proved to be a big challenge for the local authority as it cannot ask the people who have been there for many years to relocate.

She says that the local authority had engaged the surveyors to demarcate the plots and after surveying the area, it was discovered that most villages are on state land.

Ms. Muimui added that the district council is even finding it difficult to find a suitable place for a graveyard as most of these villages have their own burial sites, a situation which she says may contaminate underground water.

She however, indicated that 10 hectares of land along Chikowa road was given to the local authority by the late Chief Jumbe.

Ms. Muimui explained that the council is planning to use part of the land for a dump site and burial site.


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