Leadership wrangles in Patriotic Front Party in Eastern Province have continued.

The Patriotic Front Party PF interim provincial executive committee says that it is mandated to perform its duties.

Provincial Secretary, Joseph Koloso has told Breeze News that anyone in the party challenging their legitimacy can seek clarification from PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba.

Mr. Koloso was responding to statements from the former executive committee that the interim committee is operating illegally.

He wondered why the former provincial leaders were still challenging the interim committee when the matter was sorted out through Mr. Kabimba.

Mr. Koloso has pleaded with former PF Vice provincial chairperson, Atanny Mwamba to allow the committee perform its duties without internal party wrangles.

And PF Provincial Spokesperson, Teleka Chirwa has challenged that former committee to go ahead and take the interim committee to court.

Mr. Chirwa says that the former committee should exercise patience and wait for the provincial convention where elections will be held to elect provincial leaders.



Meanwhile the MMD, Movement for Multi-Party Democracy in Chipangali Constituency has described as lies reports that over 300 members have ditched the former ruling party to join PF.

Chipangali Member of Parliament, Vincent Mwale and Chipangali Constituency Chairperson, Henry Mbewe say that the reports are meant to mislead people.

The duo say that people in Chipangali Constituency are facing a lot of challenges due to high prices of fuel and high cost of living that they would not make such a mistake.

And Mr. Mwale described the reports as a political gimmick, stating that the former ruling party is intact in Chipangali Constituency.

PF Provincial Chairperson, Lameck Mangani recently held a political meeting in Mafuta area where over 300 MMD members are reported to have joined PF.

But Mr. Mwale says that less than 10 MMD members could have ditched the former ruling party while the rest of the members are already PF members.

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