Link with Diaspora

Linking the Diaspora to the Eastern province.

Are you a Zambian from Eastern Province now in diaspora or someone who worked, lived or has interests in the Eastern Province?

Do you want to buy a piece of land or a house?

Do you want to help a school, health centre or hospital?

Do you want to help in efforts to develop Chipata, any other district or the Eastern Province?

Breeze FM is ready to talk and work with you.


Do you want to communicate messages to relatives, associates, individuals, institutions or the people of Eastern Province?

Please let us know whom you want to contact and with what message.

Breeze FM can make that happen for you and at reasonable cost.


Telephone: +260 216 221175


Fax: +260 216 221823

4 Responses to Link with Diaspora

  1. Leonard says:

    Am looking for a piece of Land or a complete house to buy in Chipata in a very good residential area

    • Kondwani says:

      To the management of Breeze FM chipata
      I’m kondwani from Lusaka.
      I want to request something, we used to listen to the Breeze FM online but now we can’t why.
      Does it means that there are some changes or what.
      Please help us

  2. Che-Adamu Mbewe says:

    These podcasts with Gogo Breeze deserve full credit. Awesome productions! Keep up the good work. I’m thoroughly hooked to them and they make me feel so proud of my heritage

  3. Amose Banda says:

    Loving Breeze fm

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