Lions terrorise villagers in Chipangali

Lions are reported to be terrorising people in Mazi-a-tuwa area of Chipangali Constituency in Chipata.

One of the farm owners in the area, Viswell Ngulube has told Breeze News that a lion on Saturday night killed one of his cattle after it entered his kraal.

He says that the lion was later spotted in one of the fields eating the killed domestic animal.

Mr. Ngulube says that this is not the first time that lions have been terrorizing people in the area, stating that in June this year, a similar thing happened.

He says that the incident was reported to the Department of National Parks and Wildlife in Chipata this morning and officers indicated that they would follow up the incident although they have transport challenges.

And when contacted for comment, Acting Area Warden, Webster Katele expressed ignorance over the matter.

Mr. Katele says that he had a briefing with his officers this morning but none of them, informed him about the report made by Mr. Ngulube concerning the stray lion.

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