Local toursim investors told to make challenges known

President Edgar Lungu has advised local investors in the tourism industry to make their challenges known to Government in order to make the environment more friendly for local investments.

President Lungu said the growth of a sustainable tourism industry can only be achieved when there are more local investors in the sector.

He was speaking upon arrival at Mfuwe international airport enroute to Luwawata lodge where he is scheduled to meet King Mswati of Swaziland.

President Lungu also notes that there is need to improve infrastructure such as roads and hotels to encourage more tourists into the country.

He also states that there should be competitive and attractive bed paces in hotels among tourism areas in the country.

And President Lungu says he will tour the provinces to establish how prepared the country is for the farming season.

President Lungu says he will not depend on information that will be submitted by his Ministers but will get on the ground and understand the situation.

He states that he wants to see the agriculture sector grow for a sustainable economy.

Meanwhile, first lady Esther Lungu who accompanied the head of state says there is need to increase animal species to attract more tourists to the country’s national game parks.

Mrs Lungu notes that though the country is managing to attract tourists with the current numbers and animal species, there is need to do more as tourism has a potential to grow the economy.

The presidential challenger carrying President Lungu touched down at Mfuwe international airport at about 10:40 hours this morning.

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