Lumezi Constituency in Lundazi operating without WDCs

Lack of Ward Development Committee Members, WDC’s for four years in Kamimba Ward of Lumezi Constituency in Lundazi has worried residents.
Former Kamimba Ward Cooperative Chairperson, Luka Mwale told Breeze News that most projects in the area are being done without supervision from WDC’s for the past four years.
Mr. Mwale says this has a negative effect on the development of the ward, because there are no people on the ground to inspect the projects or choose projects for the community.
He added that the situation has created confusion in a number of developmental projects which have been subjected to shoddy works.
Mr. Mwale says if left unchecked, the situation may result into misappropriation of CDF, Constituency Development Funds.
He has appealed to government to elect new WDC’s in the area and also audit how CDF has been utilised for the years that the ward has been without a working WDC.

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