Lundazi council spends about K80,000 on planning of new district boundaries

The Lundazi District Council has used about 80 thousand Kwacha towards the extension and planning of new district boundaries.
District Council Secretary, Boyd Kaoma told Breeze News that the funds used, were from a provision of the district council budget.
Mr. Kaoma indicated that the funds were mainly used towards the planning of the newly acquired land which was previously used as an airstrip.
He stated that his office was in a hurry to engage the Ministry of Lands as the land is at risk of being encroached by developers.
Mr. Kaoma however, revealed that 367 plots have been surveyed and numbered at the former airstrip.
Meanwhile, Chief Mphamba of the Tumbuka people has also released about 4,000 hectares of land to the council for development purposes.
The council is now waiting for the President’s signature so that the traditional land is turned into state land.

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