Lundazi district allocated 50 metric tonnes of relief maize

Lundazi district has been allocated with 50 metric tonnes of relief maize.
Acting Lundazi District Commissioner, Mukule Banda disclosed this during a DMMU, District Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit meeting yesterday.
Mr. Banda stated that the relief maize was a primary response by government to caution food insecurity in the district.
He however, stated that the relief maize were already in the district at the FRA, Food Reserve Agency sheds.
And Mr. Banda described the allocation as a drop in the ocean, as the consignment was translating to about 1,000 by 50 kilogramme bags of white maize while the figure for affected households stands at 8,193.
Mr. Banda indicated that his office will consider sending the maize to starving villagers in the valley, because the area is difficult to access during the rainy season.
Lundazi district is among the worst hit district with food in security in the province.

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