Lundazi District Commissioner, Janet Mvula in trouble for awarding an MMD member during Independence Day.

Lundazi District Commissioner, Janet Mvula is in trouble for awarding a member of an opposition political party during Independence Day.
Doubt Mbewe who is district vice chairperson for MMD, Movement for Multi-Party Democracy was given an award of the cleanest man in Lundazi.
Breeze Correspondent, Mtambwa Nkhoma reports that this has created tension between the district commissioner and PF, Patriotic Front Party cadres who attempted to close her office.
And District Commissioner, Janet Mvula says that only God will preside over the matter and that she does not have much to say.
But Provincial PF Chairperson, Lucas Phiri has condemned the action taken by the cadres stating that locking the district commissioner’s office does not help to address the problem.
Mr. Phiri says that the cadres should have forwarded their grievances to the PF Provincial leadership and the provincial minister, Charles Banda who is also PF National Mobilization chairperson.
The PF Provincial boss, however ruled out any disciplinary action against the cadres stating that their action was out of ignorance and that they need to be sensitized on party procedures of airing grievances.

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