Lundazi District Council allows people whose houses were demolished last year to rebuild.

People whose houses were demolished in Lundazi district last year have been given a go ahead to reconstruct their structures.
Lundazi District Council Secretary, Boyd Kaoma told Breeze News that the local authority held meetings with the Ministry of Lands to decide on the way forward for the affected people.
He says it was decided during the meetings that the people whose houses were demolished should continue staying in the buffer zone of Lundazi stream.
Mr. Kaoma says the issue of Former Lundazi DEBS, District Education Board Secretary Hebert Mwiinga, whose house was also demolished, has been referred to the council.
He says the council is still discussing the matter with the planning authority, adding that Mr. Mwiinga will also have to reconstruct his house.
Last year, about five families were left in the cold when their houses were demolished by the Provincial Planning Authority after it was discovered that the houses were posing danger to the life span of the Lundazi stream.

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