Lundazi District Council complains of not receiving funds on time to monitor road projects.

Authorities at the Lundazi District Council are facing challenges in monitoring most road projects due to the process being used to release funds to the district.

District, Council Secretary Boyd Kaoma, told Breeze News that funds for most projects in the district do not go straight to the account of the local authority.

He says that this delays the process of monitoring funds because the council has to wait for money from the central government to start monitoring projects.

Mr. Kaoma says that the budget for the district is decided by the central government, which makes it difficult for the council to monitor most road projects.

And Mr. Kaoma says that 90 percent of the works on township roads in Lundazi has been completed.

He says that the district now waiting for RDA, the Road Development Agency to sign another contract under the pave Zambia 2000 Project to pave the remaining roads.

And Lundazi District Commissioner, Janet Palukani says that government should revise the process for releasing money to Lundazi so that the local authority can monitor the roads on time.

She gave an example of Mambwe district where most road projects are moving at a fast rate because the council is able to monitor them without any difficulties.


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